Business Process Reengineering

Business is business – self employed or a large company, and chances are most of the day is spent working on daily tasks, solving problems, and fighting fires. At the end of the day, what probably doesn’t get done is taking the time to do process improvement of those business operations & systems of your “framework” which is where we can help.

Our experience in business process reengineering allows us to leverage our expertise in the procedural & perioperative environment to increase operational efficiencies. We will work with you to identify those areas that are costing time and money due to rework, bottlenecks, and inefficient processes. We strive to help achieve higher margins through the efficiency of process improvements, standardized work and lean principles. Surgical services are the foundation of hospital revenue, so it’s crucial that operations are performing at their highest level.

Operational Planning

Systems Analysis and Process Improvement:

  • Equipment, Specialty Supplies & Implants Storage Planning:  Initiate space and storage utilization study to evaluate flow and storage of equiment and supplies in the perioperative environment. The detail design phase of a project provides the best opportunity to evaluate use of space, workflow standardization, time efficiency, and process improvement. Departmental core services currently operating independently will gain efficiencies by optimizing like processes and consolidating resources including staff and space.

    We use a tiered system for line item analysis.  The analysis tool we develop provides data and rationale for space utilization and identifies potential gaps by location and proximity.  Our team will provide support to define strategic, operational, functional and space planning for Equipment, Supplies and Implants.

    • Provide assessment of equipment and supplies to determine use of space, workflow impact and gap in space vs equipment/supply needs
    • Develop data-driven recommendations for IV platform equipment and supply storage
    • Develop recommendations for centralized storage of point of care supplies, supply carts, and implants
    • Identify opportunities for common area spaces shared between patient care areas to promote quick access
  • Clinical informaticist providing clinical expertise to improve the dictionary content directly serving Surgery and Procedural areas.  Areas that flow into direct patient care, including preference cards and case preparation for sterile processing (instruments), central sterile supplies and implants, and pharmacy.  Provide support and experience for content enhancements for testing, client support, education/training, and clinical content into EMR (EPIC, Meditech-ORM/MM/PCS).

  • Preference card standardization, picklist optimization, cleanup and incorporation of tips to improve case picking, preparation and put-away.

  • Resource optimization, standardization, and parallel work – matching available resources including software data clean-up and optimization, developing and integrating existing and new technology solutions.

A Few Past Successes

with Colorado ACES