Connie Nelson 

Connie Nelson

Denver, CO

BS, Nursing Science Health Major
Emphasis in Management
Regis University, Denver, CO

25+ years

Registered Nurse (RN)
Ambulatory Surgery Administrator
LEAN SS Silver

Member, Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN)

Member, National Institute for Healthcare Design (NIHD)


Clinical Operations / Healthcare Design / Transition / Activation Specialist

“My passion and highest priority is to use my clinical skills and expertise to reduce/remove wasted planning and design time and effort so that the end-result is streamlined, efficient, functional and visionary. My insights come from knowing how hospitals work especially in the procedural areas since that is where my I have worked for the bulk of my career, I have seen firsthand the impacts of inefficient planning and design on both patient care and the morale of caregivers. Knowing the the existing conditions in which the clinical and ancillary staff work today, I endeavor to support healthcare transformation for care and work models creating the best possible environment for innovation and positive outcomes.

I have an innate desire to support process improvement so that the built environment can accommodate best practice and successful outcomes and experience for patients, providers, and staff. The catalyst for my becoming a clinical consultant was that I have been on the receiving end of projects that took years to plan and implement only to experience major gaps both in expectations and outcomes that created situations and problems that could have been prevented with high level clinical support and perspective during the planning and development stages. I am very comfortable within the clinical environment talking to providers, surgeons, nurses, and support services so that I can be a liaison standing in the gap between very different industries and perspectives.

I have dedicated my career to understanding how I can best support clinical workflows and outcomes by creating fresh perspectives for delivering care and allowing staff to have positive interactions with each other. My experiences have ranged widely, from how providers, patients, visitors and vendors flow through and interact with a facility, to how materials arrive, to how outside offices and services develop support relationships..

We will walk side by side and develop new ways to approach your work streams and how that relates to the built environment knowing that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it would be an honor to be a part of the journey.”

  • Surgical Nurse Manager X 25+ years
  • Ambulatory Surgery Center Administrator – Certified
  • Construction Project Manager / Clinical Liaison
  • LEAN – Bronze Training/Certification
  • Employee Health
  • Flu Champion
  • Provider/Staff Annual Compliance X 16 years
  • SharePoint Administrator
  • Microsoft Outlook “PowerUser”
  • Meditech Core Team
  • Clinical Informatics Integration & Process Improvement
  • Peri-op Steering Committee
  • LEAN – Periop VSA
  • Scheduling Internal/External
  • Hospital/Surgical Department Visioning/Strategy/Design/Transition Planning/Activation
  • Surgical Supply Chain
  • RIE – Wasted OR Implants & Item Charges
  • State of Colorado – Safety Surveillor
  • BCH Campus Consolidation – Workflow/Transition
  • Materials Management – Lowest Unit of Measure Integration
  • Surgical Process Improvement – Patient Safety/SCIP
  • API/Kronos/Inovar
  • Summit Downtime Project
  • Mesa Temperature Monitoring
  • Voalte / MC-40 / VoalteMe Implementation & Management
  • Saddle Notch Ranch Road Association / Pole Hill Community Board Of Directors X 10 years
  • Grace Place – Production Team (lighting/cameras)

with Colorado ACES