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“It is my passion and highest priority to create an environment in which the end result is streamlined, efficient, functional, and visionary”
-Connie Nelson, BSN, RN, CNOR, CASA

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Six key trends will inform the future design of hospitals: pandemic preparedness, climate resilience, connectivity with the rest of the healthcare ecosystem, flexibility, digital transformation and patient centricity.



“The Surgical Services Department could not have made the transition to our new hospital facility without Connie. She was born to handle large complex projects, and is indeed energized by challenges that others find daunting. She is able to interface amongst clinical staff, IT and outside contractors with fluidity. Her expertise with various software including tools such as Excel, Outlook and Microsoft made her the perfect choice to assist in developing Standards of Work and processes to help the department run smoothly. She is a gifted person at breaking down tasks in order to work out the most efficient processes.

Connie truly views problems as challenges, where her positive attitude enabled her to push through very difficult projects. Her background and understanding of business operations make her a well rounded person to help develop businesses and growth needs. I plan to keep her in mind when I look to begin a business in my future.”

Sandra Moore, RN, BSN, CNOR, Neurosurgery Coordinator

“I approached Connie Nelson on numerous occasions regarding a varied array of projects in and around the hospital and surgical services. Over the years I have found Connie to be the one person I can always depend on for any issues that have come up. She has been essential in scheduling areas to work in where others have said it was impossible. As a result every project that Connie was involved in was a resounding success from timing, coordination to project close out.

One thing that really stood out was her exacting attention to every detail regardless of how minute the task was. I found working with Connie Nelson to be a rewarding and enlightening experience. I would highly recommend Connie Nelson and her experience, skills and consulting services. I cannot in my 15 years as a Construction Superintendent think of anyone whom can fulfill her duties in the professionalism and competency that she does.”

Jarrod Kiefat, ASHE CHC, Superintendent

“Connie has an untiring enthusiasm and zeal to work to perfection; She has extra ordinary knowledge of Meditech, the Operating Room Module, Sterile processing software and her contribution in maintaining supplies through materials management is commendable.

I enjoy working with Connie and we work well as a team! She is so knowledgeable and engaged and always an excellent resource to reach out to as well as end user to help with IT related projects and tasks. She was instrumental during the ORM transition period and was such a great asset to the staff! I have found her to be detail-oriented with a methodical in approach to any problem with exemplary vision for the future developments working very hard to achieve perfection wading over the obstacles. In my initial stages of settling in with Meditech and the Operating Room Module, she was a guiding force and a great player in achieving goals. Connie’s contribution has always been focused on safety and meeting the vision and mission while upholding the values.”

Vankipuram 'Srini' Thirupukuzhi, IT Analyst EPIC / Meditech ORM

“Connie and I have worked together for several years ensuring equipment was operational and met the needs of the hospital and the Surgical Services department. She has provided consistent communication and follow up when necessary and provide timely information enabling expeditious repair and replacement. Connie is easy to work with and always willing to help. One particularly difficult past project, Connie was a key player while we worked to eliminate the concerns to improve the OR department by coordinating staff preliminary meetings to ensure everyone understood the scope and time frame. Connie coordinated with numerous departments and subcontractors to ensure the project was successful including Infection Control, EVS, Bio-Med, Facilities, outside vendors, and STERIS to keep the project moving all the while also ensuring requirements and deadlines were met. Connie led the project through unexpected repairs that extended the deadline. When the project was completed everyone was satisfied with the results. I enjoy and working with Connie and appreciate her dedication and hard work.”

Alan Haney, STERIS, Corporation District Service Manager

Connie managed the transition of a whole suite Operating Rooms including Hybrid and Interventional ORs. I was impressed with Connie’s ability to bring surgeons and clinicians together into an immersive process to help stress test the readiness of the new facility and its operations.

Terry Huang, NBBJ Architectural & Design

I had the privilege of working with Connie over an 8 year period at Boulder Community Health. We often worked together to streamline the hospital website as well as the online document management processes for the surgical department. In a world where many are techno-phobic and challenged, Connie would always come to the table prepared and willing to work hard to learn new things. In addition to helping her create a robust online presence for her department, I also tried to draft her for any new project that required hospital feedback. I knew that if Connie participated I could rely on her to seriously consider any questions and to be fearlessly honest and forthright. I immediately missed her when she left the organization and I know that wherever she goes she will be an asset.

Victoria Sahami, M.S., PMP, Consultant, Strategic Program Manager


The Importance of Alignment

Incorporating perspectives from a clinician with a wide variety of experience in multiple settings sets the stage for more productive team interaction by setting the baseline closer to reality and practicality which will decrease costs in the long run, increase patient and staff satisfaction, decrease adverse events incorporating intentionality and a foundation for future growth and adaptability maximizing financial resources. Aligning patient care and clinical workflows with technology, healthcare industry regulation and construction code requires inside knowledge to have successful communication, coordination, and facilitation. This alignment is the most important aspect in a successful construction project.

Experienced Assessments

Being involved during the planning stage of the healthcare project, I am able to put my insight and experience to its greatest benefit. My “assessment” skills include an eye for process and efficiency, use of space, including impact on workflow of the users for the entire spectrum from nursing, providers, technology (including IT, EMR & equipment), facilities, biomed, EVS, patients and families, supply chain, vendors, waste, and regulatory impact throughout the interface of clinical and construction requirements.

Connie Nelson

Connie Nelson
RN, BSN, CASA Clinical Consultant

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